Date: 8. September 2007

Subject: Letter to You


Dear Influencer,

isn't that a strange and unusual way to be addressed?


If it feels that way for you than it's just the right way for you to be addressed.

Bet ya nobody ever addressed you this way.

And that's the point: you ARE an influencer - a very powerful influencer. No matter what believes you hold about yourself.

Even though I don't know you personally - I know you well enough to know that: You influence and persuade other people every day. And you don't stop there, you take it even one step further: you manipulate them! For worse or better.

Am I being unfair? Stay with me, just a moment here.

Because the stronger your feeling that I'm dead-wrong the more important the message you're about to get here.

And some of you already know where this is going, and that's fine too.

You do influence other people every time you meet somebody, talk to somebody, interact with somebody.

You might not do it consciously. You might not do it intentionally. But you're doing it for sure.

Everyone of us is influenced by other people and everyone of us influences other people.

It's just hard-wired human nature.

No use trying in vain to avoid doing it.

Better accept and embrace it, because it's part of real life on planet earth.

Most of the people I meet and see day in and day out are not aware of how big an impact they have on other peoples life. For worse or better.

Most of these people suffer from what I call "The Illusion of Powerlessness".

And that's a sad state of delusion.

Intense Influence is all about creating awareness for the power we hold. And making use of it. For the better. And only for the better.

Enjoy life fully,
Ramin Assemi


PS: Influencer, if you're still not sure what my influencer address is about, just do this little real-life-experiment to prove me wrong.

Talk a walk on a crowded street.

Think about your problems. Think about the people that caused them. Think about evil people, nasty people. People that cheat, tell lies and abuse other peoples trust. Think about all the bad experiences you had with other people. Think about other peoples rude behaviour. Get yourself in a really bad state, and let it show.
You can look a bit angry at other peoples faces, put your brows together a bit more. Just put on a grim look and look at other peoples eyes as much as possible.
Do that for thirty minutes straight.

After that, just relax and treat yourself a bit. If you're into icecream, have one. Look out for nice things, blue skies, sunshine, all the things that cheer you up.
Get into a different state - happy state.
If it's a rainy day and you don't like rain, just look inwards: replay that memory of when years and years ago you had the time of your life, doing something absolutely silly and hilarious. That time when life was fun.

So, once you wiped that grim look out of your face (and I know for some of you it's easier than for others...), put on a good, bright smile. Show some teeth and don't be afraid of some wrinkles in the corners of your eye. Talk another thirty minute walk on that crowded street and smile at people - just shine at them like the sun. Look at their faces.

And then, just compare the faces you saw in each of these 30-minute segments. If you did not sense a major difference in the emotions you evoked, send me an email at contactramin AT intenseinfluence DOT com and I'm gonna make up for it.


(c) 2007 Ramin Assemi